Grilled Miso Chicken in Butter Sauce

Miso paste is one of the most versatile ingredients that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Of particular interest to me is using it in grilled food since it really adds a lot of flavor when used as flavoring for grilled meat. Today’s dish uses yellow miso as a flavoring for grilled chicken, afterwards it is mixed with a butter sauce with some miso as well to complete the dish.

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Oriental Fried Chicken, a.k.a. Chicken Karaage.

Asian fried chicken also known as Chicken Karaage differs from its western counterpart (southern fried chicken) in the fact that instead of using milk or milk by-products such as butter/buttermilk as flavoring for the chicken, the distinct taste comes from a mix of soy, vinegar and ginger. The resulting dish is a savory and tender dish since the flavors of the three penetrate the meat and the ginger helps in the tenderizing process of the meat.

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Cooking 101 – Deboning a Chicken Thigh and Leg Quarter

Using boneless chicken meat is something that is very common in cooking. For this session of Cooking 101, I’ll discuss how to debone a chicken thigh and leg quarter, this is actually a very easy part of the chicken to debone since we’re only dealing with two bones. It normally takes people just 1-2 tries to do this comfortably.

Normally people can actually ask of this from the butcher/meat section of the supermarket, but this is not the case for all people, there are some supermarkets that only carry the quarters without offering the extra services like filleting and specified cuts. On a personal note though I like to do it myself. Actually, the quarter that I’m using in this article was cut from a whole chicken that I carved as well.

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Canned Cooking – Savory Sausage with Eggs

One of the types of recipes I would like to have is cooking canned food in quick simple ways that would bring out the flavor of the ingredients while keeping the simplicity and convenience of canned food. As many of us have experienced canned food is a staple in many Cooking Bachelor’s kitchens and meals, so it would be good to have ways of enjoying these items aside from just simply heating them or eating them out of the can.

For today’s recipe post our subject is canned sausage, it’s normally a quick and easy fix for many people looking for something to eat straight out of the can. In today’s recipe though we plan to spice this simple ingredient a bit and present it as a great quick meal for breakfast or lunch that will convert the normal taste of canned sausage and make it approach the savory taste of chorizo.

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Chinese Chili Prawns

Chinese Chili Prawns are a staple in Szechuan style Chinese cooking, personally I love Chinese Cooking due to the dynamic flavors and since I have a particular interest in spicy food, this is a recipe that I like to make. If done right you have a sweet spicy and sour dish that’s perfect served over white rice. This is a quick and simple dish that may require some preparation with the prawns but aside from that it’s quite easily done.

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Cooking 101 – Unshelling and Deveining Prawns

This will be the first Cooking 101 Article. Certain recipes will require a skill or process in order to complete the recipe. The first recipe that will be posted will require Prawns. In serving this dish the Prawns would need to be unshelled and deveined first. Certain dishes keep the shell but this particular one requires naked prawns. Deveining for the uninitiated is a process in removing the digestive tract of the Prawn in order to have a cleaner eating experience. This is similar to cleaning fish, removing innards from chickens and pork and the like. Unlike those processes though, this is very simple and would only take you less than 5 minutes.

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Before We Start Enjoying Our Food

This being the first post in this blog, please take the time to check the About link above, it contains the main idea behind the creation of this blog and what is referred as a “Cooking Bachelor.” The first few posts will be coming soon so I hope you watch out for them.

– The Cooking Bachelor